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The “Arka” company is a manufacturer of metal-plastic and aluminum windows for apartments and other residential and non-residential buildings from the REHAU profile, which is known for its compliance with international quality and energy efficiency standards. We create windows that satisfy a wide variety of needs in terms of coziness, comfort, style and design.

Modern plastic windows in an apartment must meet the following key requirements:

  • Energy efficiency.
  • Noise insulation.
  • Security.
  • A high quality.
  • Stylish design.

These are REHAU windows that can provide comfort and coziness in any home.

Also, the “Arka” company manufactures “warm” aluminum windows for apartments. Reliable and easy-to-maintain structures that last up to 80 years have a special thermal protection layer that prevents freezing and provides a high coefficient of resistance to heat transfer. Aluminum windows in an apartment are more expensive than plastic ones, but the difference in cost fully justifies itself in the process of operation.

All products from our company’s catalog are manufactured in-house by professionals in their field. We provide customers with high-quality products of various price segments, starting with economy class and ending with windows for elite buildings. Here, everyone will find plastic or aluminum windows an apartment according to their taste and financial capabilities, and will also be able to appreciate high-class service.


REHAU windows for the living room

The living room is a special room in any apartment. This is the place where family and house guests spend most of their time. Therefore, the main criteria for choosing windows for the living room are:

  • Aesthetics. One of the ways to make the room attractive is to install panoramic plastic windows in the apartment. They not only open incredible views, but also make the room visually spacious, filling it with light.
  • Practicality. A window from the Rehau profile in tandem with functional and high-quality fittings will be the best financial investment in the long-term coziness and comfort of your apartment.
  • Energy efficiency. Fulfillment of this condition will provide a multifunctional profile with high thermal insulation performance. With it, it is easy to forget about the high costs of heating and air conditioning at any time of the year.

Double-glazed windows with a light reflection effect are a good choice for the living room. With them, it is easy to protect the room from active UV rays or prying eyes. Choosing a plastic or aluminum window in an apartment with such double-glazed windows will be relevant for residents of the southern side of the building, as well as the lower floors.

REHAU window in the children's room

Energy efficiency and aesthetics in choosing a plastic window in an apartment for a nursery are important, but far from the only factors. In this case, the main thing is to take care of the child’s safety. Adequate protection can be provided by:

  • special window locks;
  • handles with keys;
  • handles with fixing the position of the sash in ventilation mode.

Such measures make it impossible for outsiders to enter the children’s room, if it is located on the first floor, as well as for the child to open the window on his own. In addition, you can install a ventilation valve that ensures constant circulation of fresh air in the room without the need to open windows. This technique will avoid drafts and unnecessary heat loss.

REHAU window for the bedroom

What makes a bedroom cozy and comfortable? Soft colors in the design, a comfortable bed, as well as peace and quiet, which can provide plastic or aluminum windows in the apartment from the German Rehau profile.

When choosing windows for the bedroom, pay attention to:

  • Energy efficient profile.
  • Noise-insulating double-glazed windows.
  • The presence of a ventilation valve.
  • Style, color and design.

In tandem, these parameters make it possible to create the necessary microclimate for rest and relaxation in the room, promote comfort and healthy sleep.


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      What are the advantages of energy-efficient windows for an apartment?

      Energy-efficient windows, in comparison with ordinary PVC constructions or aluminum windows in an apartment, have higher thermal insulation performance. 

      Thanks to this:

      1. A comfortable temperature is maintained in the summer, which contributes to the reduction of air conditioning costs.
      2. Heat losses are reduced in the cold season, thanks to which heating savings of up to 50% are ensured.

      Installation of energy-efficient windows means savings and home comfort for the long term.

      Is it possible to buy windows from you on credit?

      Yes, our company provides loans for the purchase of plastic and aluminum windows for an apartment thanks to cooperation with leading financial institutions. Each client has the opportunity to receive an installment plan on favorable terms with the fastest processing of documents on the spot.


      You can also install new plastic windows in the apartment under the state program “Warm House”. For this, you need to conclude an agreement with the bank. On the day of receipt of funds from the bank, the executor begins planned works, which are accompanied by relevant acts. You can learn more about the terms of participation in the program from the official document posted on our website.

      Do you provide a warranty on the windows?

      So. The windows of the “Arka” company are made of high-quality German REHAU profile, have relevant certificates and a guarantee for free service for 5 years.

      The warranty also applies to:

      • accessories — 2 years;
      • double-glazed windows — 2 years;
      • sealer — 2 years.

      All warranty obligations are valid subject to compliance with the rules of operation of the windows.

      Which window profile is better to choose for an apartment?

      REHAU Synego and REHAU Euro 70 profile systems are most suitable for apartment glazing.

      Euro 70 is the most popular system among consumers. It has the best price-quality ratio, and also demonstrates excellent heat and noise insulation.

      Synego belongs to the profile systems of the premium price segment. It is best suited for elite buildings that make high demands on the quality of windows. The Synego system absorbs noise up to 46 dB, which is the maximum for window systems, and high thermal insulation properties allow you to save up to 50% on heating costs.