Balconies have always been an important part of any home. They provide an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and a panoramic view of the environment. In addition, such additional rooms bring their own, unique and unique atmosphere to the interior of an apartment or house. To add even more comfort, keep warm in the winter or create protection from rain and wind during inclement weather, order a turnkey balcony decoration from the “Arka” company.


Glazing of balconies with take-out

Glazing balconies with take-out — not only an aesthetically attractive addition to any building, but also a practical improvement of living space.

The take-out of the balcony, made of glass, gives you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery of the environment without losing the comfort of your own nest. Thanks to modern technologies and high-quality materials, such balconies will become a comfortable place for rest and relaxation, providing protection from weather conditions and preserving the elegant appearance of the building.

Glazing of balconies

Glazing of balconies is a modern technology, thanks to which ordinary balconies are instantly transformed into real oases of comfort and aesthetics. It consists in installing special glass panels or systems that provide excellent thermal insulation and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world as much as possible without unnecessary obstacles.

In addition, the “balcony glazing” service will provide an opportunity to expand the useful space of the home and create a cozy corner for rest or work.

Repair of balconies

Repair of balconies — is an important procedure that not only improves the appearance of such an extension, but also ensures comfort and safety for its owners.

Balcony repair can be of three types:

  1. Cosmetic, which includes: painting, replacing the floor and window frame.
  2. Capital, which is a complete renovation with the replacement of all major elements, including insulation, windows, floors and walls.
  3. Euro-renovation, which can be attributed to the highest category of repairs. Such works are performed using modern materials and involve modernization of the design, creation of a recreation area or solving other, individual, problems of the owner.

French balcony

A French balcony — an architectural element that adds charm and elegance to any home. It is a small platform that protrudes from the facade of the building and is framed by a forged balustrade or grate. 

French balconies, due to their open nature, provide an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and a beautiful landscape, while creating a romantic atmosphere for relaxation and communication.


Contact the specialists of the ``Arka`` company, who will help you choose and install French or sliding windows on the balcony. We offer designs of various styles and colors that can meet your individual needs and harmoniously fit into the interior of your home.

Weather protection

Glazing balconies with an aluminum profile will allow you to enjoy the surrounding scenery in any weather. You can spend time there even on a rainy or windy day without worrying about comfort.


Energy efficiency

Warm glazing of the balcony will help keep the heat in the room in the cold season. A warm turnkey balcony allows you to maintain a stable temperature and reduce heating costs.


Increasing the useful area

Balconies with glazing will become additional functional areas, where you can arrange a rest area, a workplace or a place for growing plants.


Increase in real estate value

Insulating and finishing a turnkey balcony can increase the market value of your home, making it a good investment for the future.


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      What to choose — warm or cold balcony glazing?

      Warm and cold glazing of balconies — two different approaches to insulating balcony spaces and ensuring comfortable conditions in them. Here are the main differences between them:

      Warm glazing of the balcony.

      • warm panoramic glazing of the balcony provides for the creation of a warm and cozy area that can be used in winter;
      • usually includes thermal insulation of the walls, floor and ceiling of the balcony;
      • efficient heating systems, double-glazed windows, possibly underfloor heating are installed;
      • such a balcony can be used as an additional living space or a place to relax throughout the year.

      Cold glazing of the balcony.

      • cold glazing of the balcony does not provide insulation from heat loss, that is, it can be cold on the balcony in winter;
      • usually includes the installation of double-glazed windows with special profiles that reduce temperature differences, but do not provide such thermal insulation as warm glazing. But at the “Arka” company, you can additionally order a balcony insulation service with cold glazing, which will allow you to feel more comfortable on it in the cold season;
      • cold glazing of the balcony may be more expensive to operate in winter due to the need for additional heating.

      The choice between warm sliding and cold balcony glazing depends on your budget, need for comfort and how you plan to use this space.

      What is included in the turnkey balcony service?

      The «turnkey balcony» service can include various stages and types of work related to balcony replacement or repair. The main stages of such a service are:

      • dismantling — disassembly and removal of existing materials, furniture and structures located on the balcony;
      • replacement of windows and doors — installation of new windows and doors to improve thermal insulation of the balcony;
      • additional thermal insulation — insulation of the walls, ceiling and floor of the balcony in order to increase its energy efficiency and reduce heating costs;
      • waterproofing — protection against moisture and drainage systems to prevent leakage and damage;
      • wall and floor decoration — installation of floor covering, covering of walls with tiles, panels or other materials;
      • carrying out electrical work on the installation of sockets and lighting on the balcony;
      • furniture and decor — selection and installation of furniture and decorative elements to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere on the balcony;
      • completion of work and transfer of the balcony to the customer.

      A more specific list and scope of turnkey balcony decoration works may vary depending on your wishes, budget and personal needs.