Aluminum front door

«They are met by their clothes ….» — this proverb best describes the front door. After all, it is this element that forms the visitor’s first impression of the company or the owner of the house.

Aluminum entrance doors from the manufacturer «Arka» will advantageously emphasize the status of your company or building.

We are sure that the products of our company will leave your guests with the best impressions!


Depending on the features of the design, aluminum entrance doors are divided into cold and warm.

Aluminum warm doors

The following types belong to the warm aluminum profile: Aluprof MB 59, Aluprof MB 60, MB 70, MB 86, Framex FT72. All of them are made using thermal break technology, which allows you to more efficiently store heat in the room and save on heating bills. In addition, entrance doors made  of warm aluminum have good soundproofing properties. Thanks to this characteristic, they will save you from noise if the building is located on a street with heavy traffic.

Depending on the method of opening, warm aluminum entrance doors are divided into the following types:

  • classic swing doors, which are distinguished by a simple design and can be made without the lower part of the frame to ensure easy passage with a stroller or people with disabilities;
  • parallel-sliding, opening like a sliding wardrobe door. Such systems do not take up additional space when opening and can be equipped with automation.

Warm aluminum entrance doors with glass are ideal for installation in buildings without a vestibule or where there are certain requirements for heat and sound insulation of interior spaces.


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    Aluprof MB 59

    The MB-59 Slide system is designed for the production of thermally insulated sliding doors that can be built into brick walls, aluminum facades, conservatories or storefronts.

    Aluprof MB 60

    MB-60 is a modern aluminum system used for the manufacture of elements of external architectural construction that require thermal and sound insulation, for example, various types of windows, doors, vestibules, showcases and spatial structures.

    Aluprof MB 70

    MB-70 is a modern aluminum system used for the manufacture of external architectural elements that require thermal and sound insulation, for example, various types of windows, doors, vestibules, showcases, spatial structures.

    Aluprof MB 86

    MB-86 is the only aluminum window system in the world that uses airgel, a material with excellent thermal insulation properties. The advantage of MB-86 is also the high strength of the profiles, which ensures the production of heavy and large-sized windows.



    Structural strength

    High strength indicators, which is achieved due to the features of the material itself and the presence of internal partitions. This characteristic allows you to use an aluminum profile for the manufacture of large structures that will meet all safety standards;



    Aluminum is resistant to moisture, ultraviolet rays and other climatic factors. And an additional coating on the surface of the structure will allow to preserve the original appearance of the structure during the entire period of operation;



    The possibility of painting the profile in any color from the RAL palette. We can also apply an additional coating to the double-glazed window, which will allow you to completely tint the glass or make its surface mirror-like;


    Fire Security

    High level of fire safety;


    High resistance to breakage

    Which is provided by the properties of the material itself and the presence (at the customer’s request) of a double-glazed unit with triplex or tempered glass.


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      Where is the best place to order aluminum entrance doors?

      To order aluminum entrance doors, you can use the following options:

      1. You can order aluminum front doors in the online store. Many door companies have their own websites where you can browse catalogs, choose the option you want and order it online.
      2. Offline shops and offices of manufacturers specializing in the sale of doors. This will allow you to personally view the assortment, choose doors by size and style, as well as get advice from specialists.

      The company «Arka» combines these two options. You can always familiarize yourself with the assortment of aluminum entrance doors on our website or in our offline store. Also, our specialists will provide comprehensive consultation on the issues of interest to you (regardless of the format of your application) and will promptly place an order for the door variant you need.

      What should you pay attention to when choosing an aluminum door?

      When choosing an aluminum door, it is important to pay special attention to some points, namely:

      • thickness of the aluminum profile. The strength and thermal insulation characteristics of the door directly depend on the thickness of the profile. The thicker the profile, the better;
      • design and style. Choose a door that matches the style of your home and personal taste;
      • glass. If the door has glass inserts, ask the seller for a certificate for the double-glazed unit and familiarize yourself with its characteristics;
      • system of locks and security. Make sure the locks and security mechanisms are reliable;
      • guarantee. Ask about the warranty from the manufacturer or supplier. Sellers who are confident in the quality of their products provide a long-term guarantee for their goods;
      • reviews Before buying, read reviews about the manufacturer or its products, ask for advice from other owners of aluminum doors.

      Of course, if you have a lot of time, you can go through all these stages of choosing a supplier. But why all this, if there is an «Arka» company. We manufacture high-quality aluminum entrance doors for home and office, provide a guarantee for all types of systems and accessories, and have many positive reviews from our customers. Visit our office and see for yourself that high-quality aluminum front doors are only «Arka».