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Aluminum is a light, strong, environmentally friendly and anti-corrosion material that is excellent for the production of windows. That is why aluminum windows can last more than 80 years. In addition, after the end of the service life, aluminum profile windows can be easily remelted and used for the manufacture of new products. It does not harm the environment and helps save natural resources.

Due to its excellent strength per unit area and light weight, this material is ideal for the production of large-sized aluminum sliding windows. Also, the aluminum profile for windows has good anti-fire properties, which is an additional advantage of such structures.


There are two types of aluminum balcony and window frames:


Warm aluminum windows, which are the complete opposite of the previous look. The warm aluminum profile is used for installation in the external walls of residential buildings, commercial buildings, apartments and other buildings. To order such aluminum windows, you will have to pay a little more. But the higher price is fully justified by the excellent heat and sound insulation properties of such structures. This is achieved thanks to the use of special insulating materials, which are used to fill the profile in the process of manufacturing aluminum windows.


Aluprof MB 59

The MB-59 Slide system is designed for the production of thermally insulated sliding doors that can be built into brick walls, aluminum facades, conservatories or storefronts.

Aluprof MB 60

MB-60 is a modern aluminum system used for the manufacture of elements of external architectural construction that require thermal and sound insulation, for example, various types of windows, doors, vestibules, showcases and spatial structures.

Aluprof MB 70

MB-70 is a modern aluminum system used for the manufacture of external architectural elements that require thermal and sound insulation, for example, various types of windows, doors, vestibules, showcases, spatial structures.

Aluprof MB 86

MB-86 is the only aluminum window system in the world that uses airgel, a material with excellent thermal insulation properties. The advantage of MB-86 is also the high strength of the profiles, which ensures the production of heavy and large-sized windows.


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    Before you buy aluminum windows, you probably. it will be interesting to find out exactly what advantages you will get by purchasing such designs. And there are many of them:

    Minimum weight

    The possibility of manufacturing large structures, which is achieved due to the good strength index of the metal itself and the addition of magnesium and silicon to the alloy. Despite all this, the cold aluminum profile or its warm analogue remains light and ideal for fitting into holes with a weak base;


    Long service life

     Thanks to good anti-corrosion qualities, Rehau aluminum windows will last at least 80 years;


    Resistance to corrosion processes

    Aluprof aluminum does not burn out in the sun, is resistant to temperature fluctuations and the influence of fungus;


    Ease of care

    Aluminum windows do not require additional treatment with protective substances, they are easy to clean and repair if necessary;


    Fire Security

    Good fire-fighting properties, which can save lives in an emergency;


    Environmental friendliness

    Aluminum structures do not emit toxic substances when heated, so aluminum double-glazed windows can be installed on the sunny side.


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      What types of sashes can be made in aluminum windows?

      In the process of manufacturing aluminum windows, they can be equipped with the following types of sashes:

      • folding (ventilation mode), which open inside the room at a certain angle. To adjust the width of the opening, it is possible to install additional fasteners on the structure;
      • rotary ones that rotate around an axis and can open both outwards and inwards;
      • swivel-folding, which combine the properties of previous designs;
      • sliding, working like the doors of a sliding wardrobe. If you have limited space on the balcony or loggia, we advise you to buy a warm aluminum profile of this type.
      How to paint aluminum systems?

      Aluminum windows can be painted in any color according to the RAL scale. This can be done in two different ways, namely:

      Anodizing (electrolytic oxidation):

      • Application principle. Anodizing is a process of electrolytic treatment of aluminum, as a result of which a hard oxide film is formed on its surface, which is highly resistant to corrosion and wear.
      • Advantages. High resistance to corrosion, wear and environmental impact.
      • Disadvantages: Limited color selection compared to powder coating.

      Powder coating (powder paint):

      • Application principle. Powder coating consists in applying powder paint to an aluminum surface using a special device. The paint is sprayed as a powder and then foamed and set by heating in a special oven.
      • Advantages. A wide selection of colors and textures. High resistance to ultraviolet radiation, corrosion and wear. Ability to obtain various decorative effects.
      • Disadvantages Requires special equipment and skills for application. The possibility of defects, such as bubbles or cracks, if the process is not performed correctly.

      When choosing between these two technologies, it is important to consider the specific needs of the project, budget, quality requirements and coating design.

      What is the advantage of aluminum windows over PVC windows?

      Aluminum windows and PVC windows have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the choice between them depends on the specific needs and requirements of the consumer. Here are some advantages of aluminum windows compared to PVC windows:

      Durability and resistance to the influence of natural factors:

      • aluminum windows have high strength and resistance to external influences, such as ultraviolet radiation and corrosion. They do not deteriorate during temperature changes and do not stretch under the influence of heat.

      Style and design:

      • aluminum windows have thinner frames, which allows you to create a modern and stylish design. They are also available in different colors and textures, which gives more opportunities to realize various architectural ideas;

      Resistance to fire:

      • aluminum does not burn, so aluminum windows have a high level of resistance to fire, which can be an important factor in the event of a fire;

      Environmental friendliness:

      • aluminum is 100% recycled material and can be recycled for the production of any products.
      What is the peculiarity of the design of windows made of aluminum profile?

      Aluminum windows have some structural features that distinguish them favorably from other systems:

      1. Aluminum has high resistance to moisture and other aggressive substances. This makes aluminum windows durable and reliable.
      2. The aluminum profile can be given a variety of colors and textures, which allows you to choose a design that matches the style of the building or interior.
      3. Aluminum windows can be insulated using thermal break inserts or other heat-insulating materials, which improves their energy efficiency.
      4. Aluminum is easily machined and formed, allowing for the creation of windows of various shapes and sizes, including multi-sash, arched or non-standard designs.
      5. Aluminum profiles do not burn out or crack under the influence of sunlight, which allows you to preserve their aesthetic appeal even during long-term and intensive use.