A private house is not only housing, but also a place where you should be comfortable and cozy. It is not for nothing that they say that «my house — my fortress». Individual glazing of cottages will help to implement the boldest design solutions, create a cozy atmosphere and fill the home with sunlight.

In order to create the home of your dreams, when glazing a private house, it is necessary to take into account some points, namely:

  • type of windows. Consider different types of windows, such as pivoting, sliding, horizontal or vertical. Panoramic glazing of the house will allow you to enjoy the environment to the maximum;
  • energy efficiency. It is also important to consider the energy efficiency of the windows. Ask the contractor about the thermal conductivity coefficient (U-factor) of the systems and their recommended classes for your region. The optimal solution for any climate will be plastic windows for a cottage, which, moreover, will fit well into the design of a modern building;
  • security. Do not skimp on security systems such as locking and unlocking mechanisms. This is especially relevant when glazing the entrance group of the cottage;
  • soundproofing If your cottage is close to the highway or other sources of noise, choose windows with a high sound insulation index;
  • design and style. Glazing of cottages is not only heat and sound insulation. Glazing of cottages and country houses is an opportunity to create your own style of housing, which will harmoniously complement your lifestyle.

Specialists of the “Arka” company will carefully listen to all your wishes and offer standard versions of systems or their manufacture according to an individual project. Glazing cottages and country houses is what we do best.

Types of materials for glazing cottages and country houses


Aluminum glazing of cottages:

  • advantages — light, durable, resistant to the effects of weather conditions, has a long service life, does not require maintenance.
  • disadvantages — worse (compared to PVC systems) sound and heat insulation.


Panoramic glazing of cottages:

  • advantages — panoramic glazing of a country house provides maximum natural lighting and a view all around;
  • disadvantages — the high cost of panoramic windows in the cottage compared to other systems.


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      Where is the best place to order facade glazing of cottages?

      Ordering facade glazing for a cottage can be done through various sources, namely:

      • Construction stores. Large hardware stores can offer a wide selection of systems for facade glazing or glazing of the porch of a country house;
      • Online stores and online platforms can give you the opportunity to compare prices and choose the option that is right for you. It is important to make sure that you are dealing with reliable suppliers. Therefore, do not be lazy to check reviews and ratings of sellers in advance.
      • Direct contact with the manufacturer. You can contact the manufacturer of such systems directly, clarify the details of the order, get information about the availability of products and prices.

      “Arka” company successfully combines the last two search sources. We are manufacturers of PVC, aluminum and panoramic windows for the cottage and have our own online store. On our website or directly in the office, you can always familiarize yourself with samples of our products, get answers to all questions and order the design you need.

      How to choose the right company for glazing cottages?

      Choosing a company for stained glass glazing of a cottage is an important stage of construction, because the comfort and energy efficiency of your home will depend on the quality of this company’s work. Here are a few steps to help you choose the right cottage glazing company:

      Licenses and insurance:

      • make sure that the company has the appropriate licenses and permits to perform glazing work;
      • ask about the availability of insurance coverage that will protect you in case of damage to property during the work.

      Experience and reputation:

      • find out how many years the company has been working on the market and what is its experience in cottage glazing;
      • look for information about the company’s previous projects and, if possible, visit them to assess the quality of the work.

      Portfolio of works:

      • ask the company to provide you with a portfolio of their work. See photos and descriptions of work they’ve done before.

      Prices and terms of the contract:

      • be sure to check what is included in the price and if there are additional costs such as taxes or shipping of materials.

      Contract and warranty:

      • conclude a written contract that includes all terms of work, prices, terms and other details of the project;
      • make sure the contract includes a warranty on labor and materials.

      In order not to waste time on all these searches and checks, contact our company immediately. We will advise you on all questions regarding the glazing of the cottage with plastic windows or other types of systems, provide a portfolio of completed works and a guarantee for materials. Contact us and see for yourself the authenticity of these words.