The tilt-slide system provides optimum sound and heat insulation when glazing large openings such as loggias, conservatories, terraces or access to swimming pools.

Tilt-slide windows are a great solution for people with high requirements for functionality and comfort. Why? It is very simple. The sashes of the tilt-sliding system have 3 opening options: ventilation mode (tilt), parallel alignment with the main structure, sliding (like the doors of a closet).

The tilt-slide system for doors and windows can be used in a variety of scenarios:

  • on a balcony or loggia to create a cozy and functional area for relaxation.
  • in the kitchen instead of a classic swing window, providing good natural light and fresh air supply.
  • in modern offices, to organize an open workspace that can be easily transformed if necessary.
  • in hotel rooms, where they will add comfort and give the room a modern look.
  • in conference rooms, providing excellent thermal and sound insulation for the participants of events.
  • on terraces or verandas, to create the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • in winter gardens, where they will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature in comfort at any time of the year.


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    When opening, the sash first moves forward, and then moves back parallel to the blind sash. The opening happens smoothly, without any difficulties. Such sliding windows are characterized by tightness and high heat and sound insulation properties. There is also a ventilation function.


    To switch the tilt-sliding doors and windows to this mode, it is enough to simply move the sash handle from the vertical lower position to the horizontal. The sash will deviate slightly from the frame, which will ensure the flow of fresh air into the room.


    In this case, the system for a sliding door or window works as follows: the handle is transferred from the vertical lower to the vertical upper position, and the sash is pushed aside according to the type of wardrobe.



    Maximum storage of usable space

    Unlike traditional swing doors and windows, parallel-sliding systems do not require additional space for opening the flaps;


    Large glazing area

    Possibility of glazing large openings; 


    Opening without significant effort

    Despite the large size, the shutters easily and smoothly move along the guides, so that even a child can move them;


    Quietness and comfort

    Only high-quality fittings capable of withstanding high loads are used in the production of lifting and sliding systems. This ensures a quiet and comfortable opening/folding the shutters, which will give real pleasure to real connoisseurs of comfort;


    High level of security

    Burglar-proof fittings serve as reliable protection against unauthorized access, and the locking mechanism requires only one turn of the handle to completely lock the sash.


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      Where can order an tilt-sliding system?

      There is a wide variety of suppliers and manufacturers of tilt-shift systems on the modern market. How to make the right choice? Answer: contact the company “Arka”. Why us?

      • providing a guarantee for all types of tilt-sliding systems and accessories;
      • use in the production of the original Rehau profile;
      • possibility to order designs of non-standard sizes;
      • own production and quality control at each of its stages;
      • maintenance of systems after installation.
      Why are metal plastic windows and doors so popular?

      Metal-plastic windows and doors are popular for a number of reasons:

      1. Resistance to moisture and corrosion. Metal-plastic profiles are not affected by moisture, corrosion and rot, which makes them an ideal choice for places with a humid climate.
      2. Strength and durability: PVC profiles have high strength and durability, so they do not require frequent replacement or maintenance.
      3. Ease of installation and maintenance: Metal-plastic windows and doors are easy to install and have minimal maintenance requirements.
      4. Environmentally friendly. PVC windows and doors can be disposed of and recycled less, which reduces their impact on the environment.

      All these advantages are fully possessed by products from the company «Arka». Contact us and we will select the best option for you for the tilt-sliding system.

      How to choose a high-quality tilt-sliding system?

      Choosing a quality tilt-slide system depends on several key factors, namely:

      1. Material. Tilt-slide systems can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, glass and PVC. The choice of material depends on your preferences and the operating conditions of the structure. Therefore, we recommend you to consult our specialist before buying such a product.
      2. Heat and sound insulation. Pay special attention to the heat and sound insulation characteristics of the system. 
      3. Safety. Make sure that the tilt-slide system is equipped with reliable locking mechanisms and locks to ensure safety.
      4. Energy efficiency. If you want to save on energy costs, choose a system with high energy efficiency.
      5. Design and style. Tilt-slide systems are available in a variety of styles and colors. Choose one that matches the design of your home or space.
      6. Manufacturer. Research the reputation and reviews of the manufacturer. 
      7. Warranty. Make sure the system comes with a warranty and familiarize yourself with its terms before purchasing.

      Following these simple tips will help you find the best system option for you.