Aluminium has special properties that make it an ideal material for windows, doors and sliding systems. It combines lightness, strength and corrosion resistance. That is why the production of aluminium structures is a highly demanded service in many European countries.  In addition, aluminium is an environmentally friendly material free of heavy impurities and harmful substances.

Aluminium profiles ensure high durability of the product and will serve you for more than 80 years. Such structures do not require special maintenance and can withstand significant mechanical stress. Due to its light weight, aluminium does not require preliminary reinforcement of the opening base. Therefore, it becomes the best option for glazing cottages, gazebos, shop windows and commercial facilities.

ARKA provides services for the production of aluminium structures and their installation in buildings and structures of various types. We manufacture and install profile systems made of cold and warm aluminium and guarantee their high quality, reliability and long service life.


We use three types of profile systems for the production of translucent aluminum structures, namely: Aluprof, Alutech and Framex. These products allow us to ensure high quality, reliability and compliance of our products with all requirements and standards.

Aluprof systems open up a wide range of possibilities for manufacturing various types of windows and doors from aluminium profiles. Such structures have an aesthetic appearance, good thermal and sound insulation. The Aluprof range also includes products that are ideal for interior partitions, doors and balcony enclosures. They do not have a thermal insulation layer, so they are slightly cheaper. Thanks to Aluprof aluminium systems, we can implement individual designs while maintaining high quality and safety standards. Our solutions allow us to create modern and functional environments that meet the needs and desires of our customers.

The universal Alutech system provides the possibility of manufacturing various structures, such as: external and internal doors, showcases, internal partitions of any administrative, commercial and public buildings.

Alutech products:

  • provides flexibility in creating windows and entrance doors in homes, offices and industrial buildings; 
  • ideal for creating stained glass windows;
  • allows for projects where other materials cannot be used due to certain restrictions;
  • includes various types of frame structures that allow you to create a design that fits perfectly into a particular project.

All in all, the Alutech system is a reliable and versatile choice for any project where efficiency, aesthetics and functionality are important.

Framex is a modern and reliable PVC profile system in the middle price segment, which has optimal energy-saving characteristics for the Ukrainian climate. Each structure made of this five-chamber profile has a modern and stylish look. In addition, the high rigidity of this system allows the use of various types of hardware, including anti-burglary and sliding system hardware.

If we consider the production of aluminium structures globally, we can distinguish 2 main types of such systems:

“Cold” aluminium, which does not contain any heat-insulating materials. This profile is used for the manufacture of partitions, entrance doors to buildings with a large number of visitors and other structures that do not have restrictions on thermal insulation.

“Warm” aluminium is used to furnish heated rooms such — as winter gardens, cottages, etc.


Aluprof MB 59

The MB-59 Slide system is designed for the production of thermally insulated sliding doors that can be built into brick walls, aluminum facades, conservatories or storefronts.

Aluprof MB 60

MB-60 is a modern aluminum system used for the manufacture of elements of external architectural construction that require thermal and sound insulation, for example, various types of windows, doors, vestibules, showcases and spatial structures.

Aluprof MB 70

MB-70 is a modern aluminum system used for the manufacture of external architectural elements that require thermal and sound insulation, for example, various types of windows, doors, vestibules, showcases, spatial structures.

Aluprof MB 86

MB-86 is the only aluminum window system in the world that uses airgel, a material with excellent thermal insulation properties. The advantage of MB-86 is also the high strength of the profiles, which ensures the production of heavy and large-sized windows.


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    Environmental friendliness

    use pure material


    Possibility of glazing any type of surface

    horizontal, vertical and inclined placement (winter gardens, facades)


    The service life

    up to 50 years


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      Where to order aluminium profile windows at the best price?

      You can always order such systems at an affordable price at “ARKA”. Why choose us?

      • warranty for the entire range of products and components;
      • use of only original profiles of well-known brands;
      • the ability to manufacture non-standard designs;
      • the shortest possible production time;
      • own production.
      How to choose the right aluminium windows?

      When choosing aluminium systems for glazing, special attention should be paid to the following points:

      • what kind of services the company provides — just the sale of systems, or production and maintenance;
      • product quality. Give preference to manufacturers that use only original profiles from well-known brands;
      • warranty. The availability of a warranty for products and installation work indicates that the company cares about its reputation and provides high-quality services.
      Which is better — PVC or aluminium windows?

      Aluminium structures have a number of advantages over PVC products:

      • light weight, which allows you to install aluminium windows on worn or unreinforced foundations;
      • the possibility of mounting the profile in openings with a shallow depth;
      • the paint of aluminium structures, unlike the film applied to PVC surfaces, is more resistant to fading and mechanical damage.
      What are the advantages of aluminium structures?

      The production of aluminium structures is so popular for a reason. These systems have a number of features, namely:

      1. The material is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, which makes it possible to create thin and elegant profiles.
      2. Aluminium is very strong, which makes it possible to create windows with large glass areas.
      3. Aluminium windows are used in modern buildings because their slim profiles allow for a stylish and modern design.
      4. Aluminium windows are fire resistant, which makes them safer in the event of a fire.
      5. The aluminium profile is able to retain its shape and colour for longer when exposed to sunlight.
      6. Aluminium is a fully recyclable material, which reduces its impact on the environment.