Components for plastic windows and doors.

One of the advantages of our company is that, in addition to PVC structures, we offer our customers a variety of components for plastic doors and windows, or, as they are also called, hardware.

Fittings for plastic windows and doors are one of the main components on which the quality and durability of all system elements depends. In addition, special locking hardware for plastic doors will provide reliable protection against burglary by uninvited guests. That is why the choice of components should be treated with all responsibility and preference should be given only to proven suppliers of such products.

Depending on the functional tasks, all accessories for plastic doors and windows are divided into the following types:

– rotary;

– tilting and folding;

– landslide.

Components for PVC windows of the first and second groups are usually used in systems installed on balconies and loggias. The last type is when glazing in conditions of limited space, where the swing doors will occupy a lot of useful space when opened.


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    What components for plastic windows can you order from the company ``Arka``?


    Agree that without a window sill, the whole structure would not look aesthetically pleasing and would not have a finished look. The “Arka” company offers a wide selection of such details for PVC windows, which differ not only in appearance, but also in materials.

    Thanks to this variety, each of our clients will be able to choose window sills depending on personal taste and the general interior of the apartment or house.


    Unlike window sills, ebbs and visors belong to the external type of accessories for Rehau windows. The main functional tasks of such elements include:

    • protection of the structure from ingress of moisture;
    • such components for plastic slopes do not allow cold to enter the room;
    • protection of glass from objects thrown from upper floors;
    • giving the structure a finished appearance.

    For the production of such fittings for Rehau plastic doors and windows, we use galvanized steel. It is not susceptible to corrosion and has high strength. That is why components for plastic windows from “Arka” are a guarantee of reliable protection and durability.


    Handles are a special type of hardware for plastic windows. After all, it is this element that provides the opportunity to use all the functions of the structure. Therefore, there are certain reliability and functionality requirements for such accessories for PVC doors and windows. In particular, they must withstand constant loads for a long time and ensure reliable closing of sashes and doors.

    We offer our customers pens of various colors and sizes. This allows you to choose accessories that will not only perform their functions well, but will also harmoniously fit into the general interior of the room.


    Child locks are a necessary element of security in a home with small children. After all, children’s curiosity about everything new knows no bounds. This hardware for hinged and sliding plastic windows is designed to prevent the child from falling out of the window.


    The advantages of such components for plastic windows include:

    • simple installation;
    • the possibility to set the sash in ventilation mode;
    • additional protection against intruders entering the home.

    In addition, the presence of a handle with a lock will not allow you to pry the hardware from the outside and break the window in a matter of seconds.


    Such components for plastic windows and doors are responsible for the heat and sound insulation properties of the PVC structure. The most popular options are single- and double-glazed windows. Pay special attention to the fact that the latter have 1.5 times better heat-saving properties than their single-chamber counterparts. Also, at the request of the customer, we can apply different types of spraying on the glass – mirror, sun protection and others.

    As for sound insulation, in this case, everything depends on the thickness of the double-glazed window, which can be 4, 6 or 8 mm. Note that the thicker the glass, the more it weighs. But if the hole has a weak foundation, and sound insulation must be at a high level, we advise our clients to install a special triplex. Such an additional element will give the thin glass unit additional soundproofing properties.

    Our company offers the following types of double-glazed windows:

    • single-chamber, which are advisable to install inside the room when it is zoned or in houses located in a temperate climate zone;
    • two-chamber — the most popular option for our region;
    • multifunctional, preventing warm air from entering the room in the hot season;
    • energy-saving, which will save heat in winter and allow you to save on heating bills;
    • soundproof with different thickness of glass and additional triplex.


    Such components for plastic windows are gradually replacing classic curtains and blinds due to their following advantages:

    • ease of installation, operation and maintenance;
    • durability and reliable protection from bright sunlight;
    • the possibility of complete darkening of the room thanks to the BlackOut fabric;
    • resistance to burnout;
    • dust repellency;
    • a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, which allows you to choose roller blinds for any taste and for any interior.


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      Can aluminum doors retain heat?

      We use a warm metal profile for doors. Inside it has a thermal insert and, as an addition, a third sealing circuit. Aluminum models with a warm profile not only retain heat no worse than plastic models, but also have good sound insulation.

      What type of glazing can be installed in an aluminum door?

      Single-chamber or double-glazed windows are usually installed in warm aluminum doors. The properties of glass depend on your tasks: they provide safety, sun protection, energy saving, noise insulation or emphasize design. If the door needs to be transparent, a sandwich panel is used. It can be painted in the color of the profile.

      How long will production take?

      The average production time is from 25 working days. It will take time to make it according to your dimensions, paint it in the color you choose, and assemble it. The term depends on the type of painting, profile model.

      What accessories are put on aluminum front doors?

      It should be taken into account that such doors are most often chosen for rooms with high traffic. This means that the fittings will be subject to high loads. Entrance structures require special fittings: door hinges must be designed for constant load due to opening/closing, for the significant weight of the sashes. The handle and lock are chosen according to the same principle – depending on their purpose. An office handle-clamp is installed for the entrance door of a shopping center or an office building. For a private house, we recommend a multi-locking lock and a push handle, because here the priority is good thermal insulation, but the flow of people is small. Such a set will protect against noise from the street and blowing thanks to many clamps.