Glazing the veranda, terrace and gazebo is a great opportunity to create a small island of peace right next to your country house. Moreover, it is possible to do this without disturbing the harmony with the environment. Why do you need terrace glazing at all? On the street, especially in the evening, intrusive insects can interfere, and rainy weather will generally become an obstacle for your outdoor recreation. Glazing the veranda or other spaces for outdoor recreation will help to eliminate these shortcomings and make your vacation unforgettable. There are many options for implementing this operation. Therefore, you will easily be able to find the ideal solution for realizing your design ideas.

What is the difference between a terrace and a veranda?

The terrace is a structure separated from the main house. The basis of the structure is the pillars on which the roof is located. That is, it is blown through and what your vacation will be like depends directly on the weather conditions. A terrace with panoramic or frameless glazing will allow you to relax comfortably and admire the environment at any time of the year. And if there is a heater in the room, even severe frosts will not stand in the way of communication with your loved ones in the bosom of nature. Of course, if you choose the option of warm glazing of the terrace.

Unlike a terrace, a veranda is part of a house, has walls and window openings. If the building is connected to the heating system, it makes sense to make warm glazing. In the event that you plan to rest only in the warm season, cold glazing of the veranda will be the best option from the point of view of financial costs.

Options for glazing verandas, terraces and other similar structures


In this case, everything depends on the presence of capital walls in the building. If they are, then only a partial glazing option is possible, for example, sliding glazing of the veranda. If there is only a frame and a roof, then a veranda with panoramic glazing will provide the maximum possible view. Also, the “Arka” company offers its customers an additional unique service – a glass roof, which will be an optimal addition to panoramic glazing.


Choosing between framed and frameless glazing depends on your personal taste, needs and design preferences. Let’s briefly consider the advantages of each type of glazing of terraces and verandas:

Frame glazing:

  • has a classic look;
  • less expensive to manufacture and install.
  • retains more heat due to the smaller volume of glass.

Frameless glazing:

  • has a modern, minimalist look that adds style and space;
  • has a better viewing effect, as it minimizes obstacles in the form of frames.
  • requires the use of high-quality glass and a more complex installation, which, of course, is reflected in the increase in the cost of the structure.

So, if modern style and a viewing effect are important to you, frameless glazing will be the best option. However, frame glazing is a more budget-friendly solution that will suit fans of the classic style. What exactly to choose, aluminum glazing of the terrace and veranda or its frameless version — it depends on your preferences, budget and design tasks.


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      Where to order veranda and terrace glazing?

      To order a warm or cold terrace glazing service, you can consider several options, namely:

      1. Construction companies that specialize in the construction and reconstruction of such structures. Many of them can provide a full range of services, starting from building design and ending with glazing.
      2. Internet platforms. You can also find terrace glazing services with an aluminum profile through various internet platforms or ads from professionals who work on an independent basis.
      3. Window manufacturers. Many window manufacturers also provide services for glazing gazebos, verandas and terraces with an aluminum profile. They can provide ready-made designs and glass of your choice.

      The company “Arka” belongs to the latter. We provide services in the design, manufacture and installation of various glazing systems. Do you need flexible glazing of the veranda or the production of an aluminum profile to order? Contact us. We have our own production and carry out thorough quality control of products at all stages of their production. That is why we provide a guarantee for all our products and accessories.

      What types of frames can be used for glazing verandas?

      The following types of structures are mainly used for glazing verandas and terraces:

      1. Aluminum frame. Aluminum is in demand due to its lightweight, resistance to corrosion and the possibility of painting in different colors. Such designs give buildings a modern and elegant look.
      2. A metal-plastic frame that combines the advantages of aluminum and plastic structures. Such products have high strength and good thermal insulation performance.
      3. Frameless glazing systems that have a modern appearance and provide an unlimited view around.

      Choose the type of frame depending on the architectural requirements, style and budget of your project.

      How to choose a veranda and terrace glazing company?

      Here are a few steps to help you decide on a data service provider:

      Compare offers:

      • choose offers from several companies. Compare their prices, lead times and scope of services.


      • make sure the company has the necessary licenses to perform the work.


      • ask about the warranty on the work performed and the materials. This will help you make sure of the quality of work.

      Work process:

      • find out how the company plans to perform the work (design, selection of materials, installation) and ask about the term of service.

      Reputation score:

      • check reviews and reviews about the company on the Internet.

      Visit the projects in real life:

      • If possible, visit facilities where the company has already performed glazing of verandas and terraces to assess the quality of their work.

      Talk to the experts:

      • meet in person with company representatives to discuss project details and ask any questions you may have.

      But to save your time, come right away to our company’s office. Our specialists will provide detailed advice on the services you are interested in, demonstrate already implemented projects and copies of all permit documents.