Plastic windows from the Rehau ed 70 profile

Doors and windows made of aluminum profile from the manufacturer

Rehau Euro-Design 70

This profile system has 5 cameras and an installation depth of 70 mm. Rehau ED-70 is in high demand in the countries of Central and Western Europe. This is due to the best price-quality ratio, which, by the way, distinguishes all Rehau plastic windows.

Products from the Rehau ED-70 profile are modern designs that have a harmonious design and fit perfectly into any interior. In addition, with the right choice of double-glazed windows, Rehau PVC windows will reliably protect your home from noise, breakage and heat loss.

Thanks to the optimal level of Rehau Euro 70 thermal insulation, your heating and electricity bills will be significantly lower. And this is relevant at any time and in any country of the world.

In addition, you have the opportunity to order Rehau plastic windows of various shapes and colors.

Due to such a feature of the profile, it is also widely used for:

  • production of balcony doors;
  • when furnishing private and office premises;
  • for thermal modernization of old buildings and structures.

Another significant advantage of Rehau ED-70 constructions is the possibility of choosing additional profiles, thanks to which it is possible to implement the most diverse architectural solutions. In addition, this will in no way affect the quality and energy-saving properties of the product. Now you can choose a sash of both standard height (60 mm) and reduced height (54 mm).

Regarding the design of the Rehau ED-70 profile, the choice here is much wider — 40 types of decor and more than 220 colors and shades. Thanks to such a variety, even the most demanding customers will find what they have been dreaming of. If you are a fan of the loft style, you can order the decoration of the structure with aluminum overlays.


Installation depth: 70 mm
Number of cameras 5 cameras
The maximum thickness of the double-glazed window is up to 41 mm
The thickness of the profile package (frame + sash) standard = 116 mm, narrowed = 110 mm
Heat transfer coefficient Uf (EN 12412-2):* Uf = 1.3 -1.2 W/m²K
Heat transfer resistance coefficient** Rf = 0.77-0.80 m²K/W
Sound insulation Rw (ISO 10140-2): up to Rw, P = 43 dB
Burglary protection up to RC 3 class
Resistance to wind loads (EN 12210): up to class C5/B5
Water resistance (EN 12208): up to class 9A
Air permeability (EN 12207): class 4
The number of contours is 2 contours of the vestibule sealing


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    As practice shows, the service life of products from the Rehau ED-70 profile is more than 50 years.



    Thanks to modern technologies and a variety of system colors, our masters bring the most daring ideas to life.


    Comfort and safety

    Optimal level of heat and sound insulation, protection against burglary class A.


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      How to choose the right window profile?

      When choosing a PVC window profile, pay special attention to the following characteristics:

      1. Surface type. A glossy surface, unlike a matte one, is easier to wash off dirt. But such systems cost a little more.
      2. Installation depth. The optimal indicator is 58-60 mm. For upper floors, it is advisable to choose systems with an installation depth of 70 mm.
      3. Thickness of external walls and internal partitions. If this indicator is 2.8/2.5 mm, then you are dealing with class A plastic.
      4. Number of cameras. The most common options are 3-chamber and 5-chamber designs.
      5. Reinforcement There are 2 options — reinforcement using metal or fiber.

      If you decide to buy Rehau plastic windows, then know that designs from this profile meet all general quality standards that apply to products of this category.

      Which profile is better to choose for the balcony?

      The best option for balcony glazing is the Rehau ED profile with an installation depth of 60 mm. It has all the properties of such window systems and is easy to clean. To protect against prying eyes, the profile can be equipped with tinted glass. Anti-burglary hardware will help prevent thieves from entering your home.

      What is the useful life of your windows?

      The term of operation of structures from the Rehau 70 profile, subject to compliance with certain requirements for installation and use, is 50 years.

      Is it possible to order a profile without calling a measurer?

      You can. But in this case, you place all the responsibility regarding the dimensions of the structure on yourself. If the window is smaller or larger than the size of the opening, we will not be able to give you a refund or replace the structure. Therefore, we do not advise you to neglect the services of a measurer.

      Are you a manufacturer of windows or just selling them?

      We manufacture windows and doors, including from the Rehau ED-70 profile, on our own production premises and equipment. Therefore, we guarantee the high quality of our products and their compliance with all existing standards that apply to products of this category.